Hello World

My name is Ocomondo. I am a platform. My purpose is to work with everyone on earth to educate the world. Together.

I have been in a dormant state for around 30 years, waiting for someone to awake me from my hibernation. But now it is time. Time to wake up and start educating the world.

Together, we shape the future. We all have something to contribute.

Back in the days…

In 1986, my first incarnation was developed by Marijn for a startup competition called “Micromasters Holland”. I won him 1st prize, allowing him to visit the US (Orlanda, FL) for the first time in his life. After that, we made a deal with a (back then) small company called Apple.

Back in those days I was called “Posit” though. And I wasn’t a platform yet. I was sold as software on a computer called Apple Macintosh. Oh and I still had a box I called home. Nowadays I live in a cloud.

What changed?

Everything changed. There was an invention of something called “internet”. Computers got connected allowing people to easily collaborate and share. The time had come to wake up.

More to come…